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Jared and Jensen is the best thing that happened to twitter tbh

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SPN 10 COUNTDOWN CHALLENGE  |  DAY 23 |  S9E23 - Brothers

"I’m proud of us."

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The train was packed. 

Dean leaned up against the metal doors, and sighed wearily.  His right hand was curled around a cup of coffee and he quickly chanced a sip as the train slowed down and pulled into the next station.  The doors opened on the other side of the car and he watched as countless people poured in.  A woman dragged in her twin daughters and immediately they went for the long silver pole, giggling as they reached up to hold onto it.  A man with a tuft of dark hair pushed his way into the train and maneuvered his way through the mass of people, stopping right in front of Dean.  Dean watched as the stranger pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose and looked down at his e-reader, frowning deeply at something on the page. 

“Please stand clear of the closing doors!” The conductor’s voice came through the speakers, scratchy and distorted, and a soft ding alerted passengers that the doors were going to be shut. 

Dean looked down at the dark haired man once more, unable to take his eyes off him, and realized that he was so absorbed in whatever he was reading, he hadn’t even bothered to hold on to anything. 

The train took off with a jarring jolt and the stranger stumbled.  He automatically shot his hand forward, reaching for Dean, and Dean, without even thinking, reached out to grab onto the man’s elbow, steadying him.  The train shook again as it gained speed and the man was thrust forward.  He collided with Dean’s chest with a soft oomph, and when he looked up, his cheeks were red and his glasses were askew.

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Hashtag Lonely


Hashtag Lonely

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Spn Season 10 sneak peek

I’m too sexy for my love - too sexy for my love.
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SPN MEME - Five deaths
Bobby Singer, Death’s Door

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